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Giving back.

Little did I know, when I penned that first blog post way back when, just how much of an impact this new little corner of cyberspace would have on my life. When I first began I knew nothing about how to use Wordpress, there was no Instagram, no Pinterest, and it wasn't until October 2009 that I sent out my first tweet. How things have changed since then!

My blog has taken me as far as New York, for the first Modenus BlogTour in 2012, Johannesburg, Morocco, Qatar, and all across Europe.

I've made friends for life in the blogging community, and taught myself invaluable coding, photography, styling and social media skills that helped me successfully navigate and progress through a 'proper' career in PR & Marketing too.

So now it is time to give back.

When I first started there were no guidelines, no online courses, no cheap tricks for buying followers or boosting your post reach. I didn't have anyone a bible to follow, and - you know what - I wonder if it was better like that... Nowadays there are SO MANY places where you will find one-size-apparently-fits-all advice (for a pretty penny, of course!) and I can only imagine how mind-boggling it must be trying to navigate the terrain as a new blogger in this day and age.

I learnt on-the-go, with by my OG blogging besties who were figuring it all out too by my side, and now I want to offer that kind of personalised advice and considered recommendations FOR FREE to newly emerging bloggers trying to make their mark in the industry. Not for fame or fortune, but to create a space where their voice can soar and their impact on those who follow them is both positive and empowering.

Is that you?

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How does mentoring work,

and what does it cost?

I'm offering mentoring sessions to two bloggers at a time, completely free of charge.

Initially I will be offering 3x 1 hour 1-2-1's, either in-person over tea/coffee (& cake!) or via Zoom, in which you will be free to ask me anything you want to help demystify the world of blogging and help you develop your growth plan for your own corner of cyberspace.

You could blog in any niche or topic area (although I'm best placed to support those in lifestyle sectors), and will ideally be within your first 18 months of blogging, based in the North of England.


What do sessions cover?

Pretty much anything you want!

I've built my blog,, from scratch over the past twelve years, so have developed a vast array of self-taught skills and industry knowledge which I'm more than happy to pass on.

I'm able to support with advice on the best blogging platforms and how to get to grips with them (Wordpress is always my fave, but I can use Squarespace and Wix also), how to develop content plans, approach brands for collaborations, tie-in different social media platforms to help you connect to, engage and grow your audience, and much much more!


How do I apply?

I have capacity to mentor two bloggers at a time, so will implement an application process every 6 months to select the bloggers I feel I am in the best possible position to support.

The first round of applications are now open, with a view to mentoring sessions taking place Sept-Dec 2021. Simply fill out the form below to register your interest and let me know a little bit more about you and your blog.

Applications close Friday 27 August 2021.

"I loved working with Kate, and learnt so much from her! The insight, energy and strategic thinking she provided has been invaluable to me, my blog, and my business."

"Kate understands everything from the importance of good content creation to more analytical basics such as SEO and link building. My blog wouldn't be what it is today without her guidance at the beginning."

— nicola capper

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— Emma-jane palin

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